About me

Kim Sho was born in Venice Beach, USA 1980. Her parents are Korean and came in the 60’s to the USA. Her childhood was remarkable in being the only Korean at her school. Sho works predominantly in the medium of painting, but includes doodles and drawings. Because of her growing up feeling alienated she felt in love with the work of the New Yorker Keith Haring. Her work is inspired and a tribute to this legend. All of Sho paintings feature the subject, standing out and being different from the group.

Sho completed a MFA with distinction at the Michaelis School of Fine Arts in 1999. She has also been featured in several magazines in and around Venice Beach, Berlin and Osaka.

Her dream and goal is to be featured in the National Gallery of Japan and to inspire young other artists who feel ‘alienated’ while growing up.

As being an expat Kim Sho was contacted by Now Health to become her sponsor.

Many questions raised for the difficulty of the name. This is because of the name of her first gallery: TotselsLLibres.